The perfect solution and vision for your industry

Industry solutions with a vision

The solutions from inos Automation pave the way for future-oriented change and provide intelligence and foresight in numerous industries – from automotive to manufacturers and processors of materials and products and to intralogistics. Our deep understanding of your requirements, your customers’ expectations and the development of your industry makes us a strategic automation partner.

We develop our vision together. As a global operating company, we stand for both security and flexibility. In this role, inos Automation accompanies businesses worldwide. Chase your goals with inos Automation – responsibly and sustainably.


Core industries

The automotive and intralogistics industries have been relying on vision solutions from inos Automation for over 20 years. We are always at the forefront of developments, enabling you to benefit from future technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning.

Further industries

Other industries can also benefit from our many years of expertise in vision and sensor technology. Discover how inos Automation teaches robots to see in the metal processing and white goods industries.

We support you with the vision of your processes

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Would you like to learn more about how your company can benefit from vision technologies? Feel free to contact us. I am looking forward to you.

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