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The market for white goods (such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc.) is changing. Industry players face major challenges – worldwide. With rising demand from emerging markets and the resulting requirement to offer cheaper products, competitive pressure is increasing and margins are shrinking. Smart appliances are conquering the market, as are sustainable, energy-efficient home appliances. At the same time, end customers want low-cost white goods that offer the highest possible quality in terms of design and functionality.

The increasing complexity of production environments and supply chains requires innovative concepts that automate processes efficiently, reliably and flexibly and integrate vision technologies. As a reliable system partner and full-service provider, inos supports customers in mastering these tasks with image processing and robot-guided system solutions. Optimally integrated into your supply chain, inos’ turnkey solutions improve the productivity of your manufacturing processes, the quality of your products and the cost balance. At the same time, inos’ vision systems can be integrated into existing lines quickly and easily and are effortless to handle.

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inos’ turnkey solutions can be quickly and easily integrated into existing production lines by means of plug & play. inos technologies can be expanded and adapted at any time. Companies in the white goods industry always remain flexible; they can adapt their production processes agilely to new market conditions and customer requirements.

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System solutions from inos can be individually configured and flexibly adapted to the production conditions. inos supplies custom-fit software and hardware for every application, always optimally integrated into your overall process. inos software architecture is individually scalable and always remains clear, simple and fast.


inos solutions are characterized by a long service life. Expenses for maintenance, service and energy are markedly reduced. Changes in the production process are implemented quickly and easily using virtual commissioning, allowing systems to be ramped up faster. With inos at your side, you open the door to efficient production processes and high-quality products on an industrial scale.

“inos’ passion for automation and robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual commissioning is reflected in its diverse system solutions for the white goods industry. With know-how and innovations, we support this branch of industry in mastering the increasing demands customers are placing on cost structure and product quality, as well as the growing desire to take environmental aspects into account in production. We are a high-performance partner and software specialist, offering innovations and service with vision. So you get the greatest possible added value from your investment in inos’ turnkey solutions for the white goods industry.”


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Petros Michelakakis Business Development Manager

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