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Assembly control – verify features with machine vision

In today’s production, there’s no room for rework or rejects. Quality must be given even at the highest throughput rates. As a full-service provider, inos enables continuous inspection of production steps and components with its turnkey solutions. Quality assurance at the highest level – fast, simple, clear.


Control systems for each test task

Quality control with inos

Anyone who wants to survive on the market today must deliver high-quality, defect-free products. Manual visual inspections are often time-consuming, unreliable and expensive. Geometry, assembly, completeness, foreign objects, damage – the more features that need to be checked in an inspection, the more often defects or missing components are overlooked. Now more than ever, automated inspection systems that can quickly, easily and reliably check the quality of products around the clock are in demand. 

The intelligent inspection system from inos increases your production productivity, confidently detects defects even at peak times and allows consistent, transparent quality control through visual monitoring systems. As a system partner, we help customers to continuously improve and sustainably provide quality in production. 

Build on the innovative image processing systems from inos for quality assurance and control. Our many years of experience in automation and robotics, as well as our passion for smart factories and deep learning, are evident throughout the manufacturing process. 

Three reasons for assembly control

Intelligent inspection systems from inos

Improved efficiency

inos’ automated inspection solution can be applied inline during the various production steps without interrupting the production flow. Personnel previously required for visual inspection can be deployed in more value-adding areas. Thus, you save resources on the one hand and increase the efficiency of your processes on the other.

Enhanced quality

By automating the inspection with an intelligent image-processing system, manual interventions – and thus human error – are minimized. inos solutions are robust, safe and reliable. In this way, you increase the quality not only of your processes but also of your products.

Increased flexibility

One sensor unit can scan and evaluate multiple features without contact. New control processes for existing or new products can be created virtually and incorporated into existing lines in the shortest possible time. This eliminates idle time and decreases the cycle time in the control process. Expensive, time-consuming training is no longer necessary.

The inspection systems consist of optical sensors with corresponding lighting

Assembly control with inos


Intelligent inspection systems from inos consist of optical sensors with corresponding illumination and, depending on the application, special lenses and filters. An image processing system verifies the characteristics of the components based on the image recordings created. If something is damaged, the inspection team is informed in real time and can intervene.

With inos, customers always remain flexible: Our software supports deep learning and allows you to design the control yourself – according to your own needs. Once the elements and areas to be controlled have been defined, customers train the system solution themselves with compliant and non-compliant components or assemblies.

Verification made easy

inos inspection systems are based on camera technologies that can check quality at different production areas. In the area of assembly or machine tending, intelligent quality control can significantly improve the loading process since the inos system inspects the component’s quality and completeness shortly before or directly after installation. Costly rework is no longer necessary. Once integrated, you can seamlessly track the inspection of each component and act accordingly.

inos verifies, among other things

  • Rivets, bolts, nuts in the shell construction, seals, cables
  • Equipment features of the final assembly accompanying the manual assembly
  • Total work strands
  • Printed or embossed information
  • Completeness of component groups
  • Damage and adhesive residues
We accompany you and offer service with added value and vision

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Keeping your manufacturing solution highly available – that’s what we work passionately to achieve, with our finger on the pulse of research and practice. It is important to us that your assembly control runs reliably and that you can flexibly adapt your processes at any time as your requirements change.

With inos, you enter into a trusting partnership over your solution’s entire lifecycle. Our global network is ready. We think ahead for you, accompany you and offer service with added value and vision.


“Whatever our customers’ inspection requirements may be, we individually design and set up our inspection system for quality control. The clear, simple user interface makes it possible to quickly evaluate the inspection results. Modification or upgrading is possible at any time. Different sensor resolutions, lenses, illumination types and inspection algorithms enable robust, reliable operation, around the clock!”


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