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Best-fit assembly from inos – precise, fast, reliable

To achieve the best possible production quality, complex processes require optimal alignment of robot and component. inos’ best-fit systems resolve complexity and sustainably reduce cycle time, costs and resources. For over 25 years, we have been one of the leading partners for Best-Fit systems, enabling accuracy, speed and reliability in automated component alignment.


Best-fit solutions for optimal fit

Decades of experience

Joints, gap dimensions and symmetrical installation of components are essential quality features in all areas of manufacturing. With the increasing complexity and individualization of products, components must be assembled at many points in automated assembly. Deviations on the production line, and dirty or ground components, impede the process flow because robots are unable to detect the components’ current position and orientation. Manual interventions are therefore often unavoidable and substantially increase errors and cycle time.

As system partner and one of the leading partners for best-fit systems, inos supports customers from the automotive to consumer goods industries in mastering these challenging topics. Core elements of our best-fit solutions are our powerful vision systems and software technologies. For more than 25 years, inos has been supplying industries worldwide with reliable, flexible, fast best-fit systems. Decades of experience, best-fit process know-how and pioneering spirit make inos a reliable system partner. inos enables high-end assembly, increases the efficiency of your assembly processes and helps to save resources in the long term. With inos turnkey solutions for multi-level robot guidance, your industrial robots work 24/7 with consistent quality. We teach your robots to “see” and take your series production to a new level.

Advantages of best-fit systems in manufacturing and production

Robot guidance with vision

High accuracy

The iterative control loop guides the robot to the ideal position to assemble the components as required. This also allows the robot to compensate for inaccuracies due to temperature and wear, 24/7 – ideal for series production. Rejects and manual rework are minimized.

High reliability

inos enables the highest possible availability and reliability of your processes with flexible, robust turnkey best-fit systems. Less maintenance work gives you more financial freedom.

High speed

Precise algorithms analyze the image material, deliver results in seconds and accelerate the fitting process in the shortest possible time. Cycle time is significantly reduced compared to mechanical and manual fitting systems.

High flexibility

inos’ best-fit solutions are characterized by flexible software, hardware and interfaces; they support common industrial robots and networks. inos looks after its customers with virtual commissioning to reduce commissioning time, as well as error analysis and follow-up at the customer’s site.


High quality

Even with different materials, components and paint finishes, the inos best-fit system guides your industrial robot into the optimal position in the shortest possible time, due to our intelligent measurement algorithms. Between and after the shoring sections, customers can perform detailed quality measurements. Consequently, you always retain oversight and consistent quality you can count on.

With best-fit method, components of different shapes, structures and sizes can be assembled

How does the “best-fit” method work?

How it works

With inos’ best-fit method, components can be assembled very precisely – with consistent quality. The optical sensor-based system takes relative measurements between the components in a few seconds and detects in real time how the components should be aligned with each other.

  • A vision system, installed as stationary equipment or mounted on an agile robot, takes measurements at specified locations between the shoring parts.
  • The dimensions are compared to the nominal values, corrections are calculated and the robot path is adjusted accordingly.
  • The assembly process is carried out and, in a final control step, the quality of the assembly is measured.

Due to the iterative control loop, complex centering of the component is not necessary. Robot inaccuracy due to temperature and wear can be easily compensated for by inos’ multi-level robot guidance. Our goal is always to offer you the highest possible quality – that’s why we think ahead for you and continuously improve our best-fit system.

Advantage of multi-step robot guidance with relative position measurements

Compensate for variations

Compared to single-step positioning, inos’ multi-step robot guidance with relative position measurements improves measurement accuracy after each step and can compensate for variations in the part’s position and dimensions. The statistical repeatability here is ≤ ± 0.05; dynamic repeatability is as high as ≤ ± 0.02. In addition, the inos system learns with each measurement – for even greater accuracy.

Patented method for best-fit control of robots

Best-fit is based on a mathematical procedure that attempts to minimize deviations from ideal values. inos has further developed this basic procedure and expanded it to include factors that customers consider essential:

  • Weighting of individual sensor information
  • Masking of sensor information for different degrees of freedom
  • Redundancy definitions
  • Integrated detection of deviations
  • Collision detection
  • Combined sensor information
  • Quality control software for quality visualization and tracking
Higher measurement accuracy in multi-stage robot guidance

Many areas of application

From shell construction to final assembly

Nearly every industry can benefit from best-fit automated part alignment. From body-in-white to final assembly, best-fit offers numerous advantages in assembly and significantly reduces cycle time.

At the inos Tec-Center in Stuttgart, customers can watch a best-fit system live during the alignment of car body and car door components.

  • A total of eight sensors are mounted on the gripper
  • The cycle time for each correction step is less than 150 milliseconds
  • The robot takes about 250 milliseconds for each correction movement
  • In an assembly process with an average of three iteration steps, a cycle time of ≤ 1.5 seconds can be achieved.

Visit us at our Tec-Center and, together with us, you can research innovative, visionary and sustainable developments of the future. Smart factory, Industry 4.0 – inos is your reliable turnkey partner for the future!

Best-fit trio

Robot guidance and automated assembly

Best-fit systems from inos offer customers the highest possible flexibility with consistent quality: component feeding, multi-stage robot guidance in the area of form & pierce or unstacking and palletizing. They are compatible with the most common brands of robots and industrial networks, as well as inos’ own in-house and third-party image processing sensors, so customers always remain agile in their assembly. inos adds automation and movement to your processes – always with the goal of increasing your productivity and quality.

inos best-fit concepts – the right solution for every handling process:

  • Best-fit mounting with stationary sensors
  • Best-fit assembly with sensors on robot-guided grippers
  • Best-fit assembly with measurement and assembly robots

With inos, you have the choice. We give you the best solution!

With inos you enter a trusting partnership

We live service

Let’s talk partnership

Keeping your solution highly available in manufacturing – that’s what we work passionately to achieve, with our finger on the pulse of research and practice. It is important to us that your best-fit systems run reliably and that you can flexibly adapt your processes at any time as your requirements change.

With inos, you enter into a trusting partnership with a reliable partner throughout the lifecycle of your solution. Our global network is ready. We think ahead for you, accompany you and offer service with added value and vision.


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