With inos’ bin picking systems, you pick the right component at the right time

Bin picking – the right component picked at the right time

Fast, reliable and economical – logistics and manufacturing must meet these and even more challenges to sustainably exist on the market. Equipped with visionary 3D image processing technology, bin picking systems from inos detect and position objects quickly and reliably in the loading, unloading and charging process – for enhanced productivity and safety.


Bin picking solutions – for greater efficiency and profitability

Pick and Place

Modern manufacturing and logistics are becoming increasingly complex and there is rarely time to sort components manually. More than ever, pick & place solutions are required that advance manufacturing and logistics quickly, reliably and ergonomically. In bin picking or machine picking, a robot loads or unloads disorganized components fully automatically into or out of a box or machine. Intelligent bin picking systems from inos decrease the cycle time of your processes, lift heavy loads effortlessly, carry out monotonous and ergonomically risky tasks and reduce manual interventions to a minimum.

Automated bin picking systems are therefore the linchpin of smart manufacturing and increase a company’s competitiveness, efficiency and safety.

Build on inos’ innovative bin picking solutions with visionary 3D image processing – from classic bin picking to machine tending and racking. Our passion for Industry 4.0 innovations and our process know-how are evident throughout the entire value chain.

Four reasons for inos’ bin picking solutions

Separation in production


inos solutions are characterized by a long service life and outstanding robustness. Maintenance and service expenses are substantially lower. Since the robot units can be used for various different applications without needing different superstructures or fixtures, labor and unit costs are significantly reduced.

Stable quality

Automation minimizes manual intervention, and thus the associated errors. Bin picking solutions are efficient and reliable, performing tasks with consistent quality.

Increased efficiency

A robot unit can install several components in a machine without changing the system layout. This eliminates idle times and decreases the cycle times in loading, unloading and charging cycles. Higher throughput times in turn mean lower costs.

Improved health and safety at work

Bending over, picking up, putting down – an eternal cycle. The heavier the component, the harder your employees have to work. Bin picking solutions give your employees lasting relief from monotonous, ergonomically risky tasks.

Bin picking uses a camera system and innovative 3D image processing.

Bin picking – from A...


Behind our bin picking solutions are sophisticated hardware and software that interact to allow the robot to “see” in the truest sense of the word. By using a camera system and innovative 3D image processing, a robot can detect identical or different components in both organized and disorganized boxes, remove the exact component that is required for the next process step, and sort or position it for further processing – fast, flexibly, and reliably.

...to Z

After a 3D sensor has scanned the individual components in the crate, a digital image of the individual objects is created. Our software identifies each individual component three-dimensionally and creates an optimal removal strategy for collision-free gripper guidance. Even slipped components are detected without difficulty, due to continuous checks and adjustments. Throughout process, the software “guides” the robot to always pick correctly.

Examples of bin picking in action

inos’ bin picking robots effortlessly remove heavy castings from a mesh box

Removing heavy castings – series production in robotics

inos enables healthier and safer workplaces in series production of robots with bin picking know-how, increases efficiency and reduces cycle time.

  • Ten castings weighing approximately 55 kilograms are delivered.
  • Every 5 minutes, the gripper takes a casting out of the box and places it on the conveyor belt.
  • Two robot cells working in parallel eliminate downtime and wait times.

Flexible, modular bin picking solutions


As a long-standing partner for our customers, we know how different the requirements for a bin picking system can be. Our solutions adapt to our customers’ needs – not the other way around. As full-service provider who supports customers with smart solutions to meet the requirements of the future and markets, we offer companies a modular system with many options.

Bin picking robots remove components from containers such as small load carriers or racks, or pick them directly from workbenches or belts. Our pick & place technologies precisely separate components and then load a machine – quickly, reliably and consistently. We adapt the robot gripper arm specifically to your component and your requirements.

Whether an existing or a new robotic cell – we deliver what you need, with a view to Industry 4.0.

As a full-service provider, we support our customers with flexible, modular bin picking systems
As a full-service provider, we support our customers with flexible, modular bin picking systems

Profit across the company with bin picking from inos

Not all bin picking is the same. Because our customers’ needs and challenges are very different, our bin picking solutions are just as individual. Whether you are looking for a modular solution or a complete solution for manufacturing processes, our turnkey solutions separate your components using state-of-the-art hardware and visionary 3D sensor technology. Box, rack or conveyor belt? Due to our modular hardware and software design, customers can tailor the bin picking solution to their exact needs.

We provide solutions, create them and add vision to your processes. Our bin picking systems reduce the complexity of material handling by detecting

  • how the component to be removed is lying in the container
  • which workpiece can be removed
  • how the component can be separated
  • how the robot arm can grip without collision
  • how the individual components must be sorted
  • exactly how the individual workpieces have to be placed
  • where the components must be picked up and put down, for example conveyors, racks, or crates
With inos, you enter into a trusting partnership

We live service

Let’s talk about partnership

Keeping your material-handling solution highly available – that’s what we strive for, with our finger on the pulse of research and practice. It is important to us that your bin picking systems run reliably and that you can flexibly adapt your processes at any time as your requirements change.

With inos, you enter into a trusting partnership over your solution’s entire lifecycle. Our global network is ready. We think ahead for you, accompany you and offer service with added value and vision.


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