inos offers system solutions for palletizing and depalletizing

Palletizing and depalletizing: modular, flexible systems from inos

Globalization and the increasing variance of packages pose enormous challenges for companies in the automotive and consumer goods industries. Different shapes, sizes and weights challenge today’s logistics. inos offers modular, flexible, easy-to-integrate palletizing and depalletizing systems to automate logistics processes for tomorrow.


Palletizing systems for package handling

Palletizing processes with vision

Inefficient processes, damage to goods and accidents at work cost time and money and go hand in hand with high physical strain for employees. The key to success: efficient intralogistics.

inos offers innovative solutions to standardize and automate logistics processes. The focus is always on robotics and image processing for tomorrow’s logistics. Machine vision provides foresight and teaches your robots to “see.” Pallets therefore do not have to be placed exactly, nor does information about the unit load on the pallet have to be passed on to the system. The innovative, durable palletizing and depalletizing systems from inos help to make logistics processes efficient and thus to reduce costs in the long term.

With automation expertise and passion, cycle time is reduced and your company’s safety and productivity are sustainably increased.

Intelligent palletizing and depalletizing solutions

Industrie 4.0

Simpler operation through plug & play

inos enables the simple integration of the components into the customer’s in-house software by means of Plug & Play or standardized interfaces.


Higher availability

Palletizing systems from inos provide more flexibility and higher availability. This is achieved by means of robot or portal solutions, which compensate for fluctuations in demand and peaks in warehouse logistics.

Higher throughput

Our software creates an optimal palletizing and depalletizing strategy based on 3D sensor data – regardless of whether the pallets are single-variety or mixed. Pallets can be stacked higher and depalletized faster. The faster cycle time leads to higher throughput and thus to a significant reduction in costs.

Security for employees

Manually loading or depalletizing pallets is physically demanding for employees. Incorrectly stacked packages can become unbalanced and tip over. Automated robot systems take the strain off employees, reduce the risk of accidents and thus enable safe workplaces.


Plug & Play solutions, employee training and excellent after-sales spare parts supply make inos a first-class, full-service provider.

“Industry 4.0 presents companies with new challenges. At the same time, the intelligent networking of machines and processes offers opportunities and enormous potential. inos has recognized these opportunities. As one of the most innovative companies in the field of vision systems, we also handle other Industry 4.0 topics such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning. In this way, we can always offer our customers the latest technology for Industry 4.0.”


Jürgen Schenk-Deisenhofer inos Automation
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packages of different shapes and sizes can be stacked on top of each other

Palletizing with a robot

When palletizing with the visionary 3D sensor technology from inos, packages of different shapes and sizes can be stacked on top of each other. The image processing program detects in real-time whether a piece good is damaged, open or deformed. Thus, easy, transparent quality monitoring is possible at all times.

  • A vision sensor scans the area where the piece goods are stored
  • The gripping system picks up the package
  • A second sensor scans the pallet and detects in real-time whether there is still a free space available and how large this space is
  • The gripper places the removed package in the appropriate space
  • The palletizing system detects the sizes and shapes of the other piece goods and determines the optimum position on the pallet

Depalletizing with a robot

Compared to other suppliers, robots equipped with inos can “see” with the help of machine vision. This enables them to react agilely to packages. Robots can therefore depalletize all pallets – mixed or single-variety, large or small. Fast, efficient and reliable.

  • The vision sensors detect the coarse 3D position of the pallets and packages in real-time
  • The system recognizes what is to be gripped and moved and creates an optimal depalletizing strategy
  • The gripping system automatically adjusts to the corresponding object
  • Before the object is picked up, it is re-scanned to determine its exact location and gripping position
Robots with inos vision technology can depalletize any pallets

Depalletizing of small load carriers

Suitable for all industries

Small load carriers (SLC) have become an indispensable universal aid for internal and external transport, not only in the automotive industry but also in other sectors. SLCs are usually transported on mixed pallets to their destination, where they are often transferred to conveyor technology.

  • Automated sensor-based depalletizing offers maximum functionality and flexibility
  • Integrated 3D sensor technology detects the position of containers on the pallet
  • Robots depalletize the individual SLC with a cycle time of less than 12 seconds
  • Employees avoid physical strain and can be deployed elsewhere at the same time

Palletizing of mixed pallets

In the logistics industry, palletizing is one of the most basic processes. However, these processes are becoming increasingly complex due to the increase in the number of variants, the increased individualization of orders and the decrease in parts per packaging unit. Mixed pallets offer the advantage that objects can be stacked more efficiently. At the same time, the stability of the packages must be ensured.

  • Automated sensor-based palletizing offers maximum functionality and flexibility
  • Integrated 3D sensor technology scans both the pallet and the packages
  • The sensor calculates the ideal palletizing strategy in real-time for maximum stability
  • Robots palletize the individual piece goods
  • Pallet can be loaded more efficiently and higher
  • In the automated duo, another robot wraps the pallet at the same time
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Keeping your material handling solution highly available – that’s what we work for passionately, with our finger on the pulse of research and practice. It is important to us that your palletizing systems run reliably and that you can flexibly adapt your processes at any time as your requirements change.

With inos, you enter into a trusting partnership with a reliable partner over the entire lifecycle of your solution. Our global network is ready. We think ahead for you, accompany you and offer service with added value and vision.


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