Professional quality inspection of weld seams

Weld seam inspection professional quality control

The quality of weld seams is essential for producing high-quality products and their safety. inos Automation uses machine learning and 3D data analysis to provide reliable, simple, and fast quality inspection of your weld seams.

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Intelligent weld seam inspection for industries


The requirements for quality and safety are increasing. Customers are increasingly demanding higher quality products at a lower price. A company can only remain one step ahead of the competition if it delivers consistent, excellent quality, sustainably reduces rework, and optimizes processes.

The automated weld seam inspection from inos Automation will support you in mastering this challenge. The technology is designed to meet the highest quality standards. To achieve this, 3D weld seam inspection relies on various mechanisms and AI-supported approaches. Sensors detect production errors such as splashes, pores, or edge offsets in real-time. The weld seams are inspected in a non-destructive manner. This can be done during system operation or outside the line if required.

Weld seam inspection for automotives

Regarding product quality, OEMs are the pioneers – with inos Automation you stay ahead. inos Automation's precise, optical 3D weld seam inspection detects any irregularities in your weld seams so that you can react immediately. This increases the safety of your end consumers on the one hand and strengthens your brand’s reputation on the other. inos Automation has been a high-performance partner to the automotive industry for over 25 years.

Why choose the inos Automation weld seam inspection?


Higher accuracy

inos Automation's 3D weld seam inspection can detect even the most minor defects. This will reliably identify potential deviations.

Higher quality

The technology provides consistent quality control by accurately inspecting the weld seam. Using AI, the application will learn during use and improve the results.

Higher economic efficiency

3D weld seam inspection reduces inspection times and lowers the overall costs of your production. Efficient, reliable results lead to higher productivity and more economical processes.

Higher flexibility

inos Automation weld seam inspection offers flexibility regarding the sensors and robots used and can be applied in or outside the line.


Higher transparency

All weld seam inspections are automatically documented. The reports will enable your employees to recognize deviations immediately and intervene, saving time and money.

High-quality weld seam inspection in practice

Weld seam inspection in practice

Manufacturing batteries

E-mobility is no longer just a trend in the automotive industry. The batteries needed for this purpose have to feature strong weld seams and be highly resilient. The contactless optical 3D weld seam inspection from inos Automation inspects the weld seam for shape, dimensions, deviations, and other factors regardless of the welding technology. Combining powerful 3D sensors and advanced inos Automation algorithms, the technology enables reliable, replicable results.

“inos Automation consistently develops processes and builds on many years of experience in automation and sensor technology. Our state-of-the-art analysis processes are based on AI algorithms. Our customers thus receive a prompt, verified assessment of the product's quality status and can initiate efficient corrective and improvement measures. ”


Stephan Mengele inos Automation
Stephan Mengele Head of Sales


How does the weld seam inspection work?

How does the weld seam inspection work?

A robot-controlled 3D sensor inspects irregularities, the correct path, and the volume of the weld seam. During this process, the sensor optically scans the weld seam in all three directions in the room.
inos Automation offers

  • a maximum resolution of up to 0.05 mm
  • a sensor frequency in the range of 2-4 KHz
  • a robot speed in the range of 10-200 mm/s

The scanned data is then compared to the CAD model of the inspection object to localize the defects found precisely and thus facilitate post-processing.

Which welding types can be inspected?

Which welding types can be inspected?

inos Automation's intelligent weld seam inspection can be used for all joining technologies such as MIG/MAG welding, laser welding and brazing, friction stir welding, and resistance welding.

Which welding defects can be identified by the weld seam inspection?

Which welding defects can be identified by the weld seam inspection?

The 3D weld seam inspection detects different defects, such as

  • pores
  • splashes
  • edge offsets
  • weld seam edges
  • width

which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

How does AI optimize the inspection of weld seams?

How does AI optimize the inspection of weld seams?

inos Automation optimizes the quality control of weld seams using machine learning and algorithms. The inos Automation algorithms analyze the 3D models of the component generated by the sensors to identify even the smallest irregularities in the weld seam.

The inos Automation software solution allows for a detailed inspection and assessment of the data. The most important KPIs and information are visualized, and reports are prepared via a web front end.

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