Best-Fit Assembly in Bodyshop

inos G-Sens solutions will help you meet, and exceed, your customers' expectations.

Mastering complexity

Ever-increasing levels of complexity and nuance in automotive assembly applications require that your solution providers are also evolving and innovating at a world-class rate. Stylized vehicle doors, adaptive door hinges, complex assembly methodologies are being paired with unique, ground-breaking component materials and composites – such as plastics and ceramics. In addition, a demanding industrial environment and high system availability standards must all be taken into account when designing and engineering a reliable, robust, precise solution. As a full-system supplier, we will work with you to insure that the expectations of your customers are not only met, but exceeded. We look forward to working with you soon.

The core: G-Sens sensor families

All of our world-class vision solutions are based on the powerful and adaptive inos G-Sens sensor family. The sensors can be robot-mounted, stationary-mounted or combined in an innovative hybrid solution to perfectly match the needs of your application.


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More Information

World-class inos sensors are the foundation of our high-performance vision solutions – and can be customized to match your specific requirements.

  • Flexible resolution, field-of-view, and standoff distance
  • Fast and intuitive set-up, efficient installation
  • Economical, scalable architecture
Best-Fit in bodyshop

Assembly of components

Symmetry in motion

Certain configurations call for symmetrical operations in order to be optimally executed. For example, left and right door hanging. inos solutions successfully implement these complex synchronized applications, and support the symmetric installation of multiple components. The functional applications and combinations are nearly limitless.

Consistent, reliable gaps

Fit and finish is becoming an increasingly important indicator of overall vehicle quality – in the eyes of the end customer. inos G-Guide automated assembly solutions allow you to optimize your assembly process and remove unwanted and unexpected variation. Drive to the ultimate in product quality! Our patented procedures for Best-Fit operations will help you achieve even your most demanding quality metrics in the most robust, objective and reliable way.

inos offers multiple Best-Fit methods, each unique and designed specifically with an end-goal in mind. Choose the Best-Fit method which best fits your process (partial list):

  • Standard one-shot best-fit
  • Weighting of individual characteristics
  • Full 6-degree of freedom offsets
  • Limited transforms (less than 6 DOF)
  • Phased, multi-stage options
  • Iterative best-fit
  • Scheme redundancy options for higher uptime
  • Specialized, custom equations

Systems can be configured to utilize data collected in upstream stations. This powerful option allows our customers to leverage information generated by an inos inline measuring station when inserting closure panels (for example, when hanging doors).


Precise bodyshop assembly