Best-Fit Assembly in Final Area

inos solutions will help you meet, and exceed, your customers' expectations.

High-precision operations

inos G-Guide Automated Assembly and Robot Guidance Solutions have been engineered, from their very foundations, to support the most complex and demanding applications in final assembly. Multiple paint colors, challenging materials and substrates, ever-tightening tolerances – all fall within the capability and expertise of our systems. As a full-system supplier, we will work with you to insure that the expectations of your customers are not only met, but exceeded. We look forward to working with you soon.


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More Information

World-class inos sensors are the foundation of our high-performance vision solutions – and can be customized to match your specific requirements.

  • Flexible resolution, field-of-view, and standoff distance
  • Fast and intuitive set-up, efficient installation
  • Economical, scalable architecture

Assembly of glass and roof panels

Design the solution to fit your process

Not all manufacturing process are designed the same – and your automated assembly solution needs to adapt to fit your specific needs. In order to offer the most complete and flexible solutions on the market, inos offers multiple distinct concepts for your best-fit assembly operations:

  • Configurations using stationary-mounted sensors
  • Configurations utilizing robotic-mounted sensors
  • Configurations with a single, robot-mounted measurement sensor
  • Hybrid configurations which combine the best of all three options

inos is dedicated to offering the perfect solution for your process!