inos Verify: Build Verification and Validation

Bumper-to-bumper inspection and validation. Total confidence.

Thumbs-up for production quality

Ever-increasing expectations for vehicle customization have resulting in a myriad of complex options packages and specialized features. inos Verify solutions provide objective, reliable confirmation that all of your customer’s expectations have been successfully met.

inos Verify can be configured to work in any area of your industrial production facility:

  • Bodyshop
  • Paint Shop
  • Final Assembly
  • Moving Line
  • Stop-Station

Utilize various sensor resolutions, standoffs, illumination styles, color or gray-scale, NIR, LED, fluorescent, algorithm types, and much more to personalize a robust and reliable solution. Highly flexible, the inos Verify solution can be easily integrated into your existing production lines.

inos Verify systems offer economical and effective solutions for frame manufacturers – automatically check hundreds of holes and slots in a matter of seconds.


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Ease-of-use is a priority

The intuitive operator interface allows to you and your staff to quickly evaluate the inspection results. Easily categorize exceptions into specific user-friendly categories. Create overall plant quality metrics and scorecards.

inos Verify sample applications (partial list):

  • Error proofing
  • Color match
  • Wheel identification
  • Absence/presence
  • Stud inspection
  • Sticker checks
  • Key cutouts
  • Holes and slots
  • Brackets/attach points
  • Package versification
  • Badge verification

Let us work with you to create the perfect solution to fit your needs.