Gap and Flush Measurement

Open the door to quality.

Bodyshop and final assembly applications

Fit and finish is becoming an increasingly important indicator – in the eyes of the end customer – of overall vehicle quality. inos Gap and Flush measurement systems offer a wide range of innovative and robust solutions, specifically designed to help manufacturers optimize build quality. Reduce wind noise concerns, improve overall body fit-and-finish, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your fitting and finesse resources.

inos offers the industry’s most capable, flexible gap and flush measurement solution:

  • Bodyshop Area – sheet metal construction
  • Final Assembly – painted vehicles
  • Moving Line or Stop-Station – anywhere in your production process
  • Challenging Materials and Substrates - glass, chrome, plastic
  • Complex Geometries – hemmed edge, curved edge, sharp edge

Implement your inos solution inline (for 100% inspection) or offline (for a sampling strategy).  


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Highly configurable gap and flush algorithm suite – reliable results and easy correlations.

Avoid unnecessary panel adjustments and place the focus on areas of concern.

Color-independence and vehicle positioning

In Final Assembly, unit color and vehicle positioning can present unique challenges to a gap and flush inspection solution. Our proprietary inos algorithm suite ensures robust results and the highest availability in the industry.

  • Intelligent sensor technology allows the inos system to accommodate variations in vehicle color, ambient light, and environmental influences.
  • New paint colors can be introduced easily and efficiently.
  • Variation in vehicle positional and presentation can be quickly compensated by means of an inos 2D positioning module
Stationary or Robot-Mounted

Different approaches – but a single objective… quality


Intuitive visualization

Empower your workforce to solve problems and increase product quality. Provide your key resources with all the actionable information they require by prominently presenting the appropriate results on large, industrial, flat screen monitors.

Downstream: Display the precise gap and flush information for each unit, based on VIN or rotation number. Inform your downstream fitters and finesse team where to place their attention. Insure the best possible overall fit and finish of each vehicle.

Upstream: Display trend charts of the day’s production results to the upstream assembly team for immediate validation of process adjustments or direction for future process improvements.

Customize the views to exactly suit your needs.


A strong and capable foundation