Inline Absolute Measurement

Understand your product and process immediately.

Configurable solutions

Guarantee the quality and dimensional accuracy of every single unit that leaves your production facility. Robotic, stationary, and hybrid configurations are available. inos G-Gauge Measurement Solutions provide precise, reliable dimensional results – all within a few seconds – giving you total confidence and total control of your complex assembly processes. All of our solutions are PLC- and robot-independent and designed to thrive in a harsh industrial environment. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.


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More Information

inos Absolute Inline Measurement System

> 100 locations

Measuring more than 100 locations, on a single car body – all results available within seconds.

Robotic-Sensor Configurations

  • High flexibility – multiple model support
  • Simple integration of new models into the existing solution
  • High level of equipment availability

Stationary-Sensor Configurations

  • Short cycle time – high jobs-per-hour support.
  • Reduced complexity and lower safety requirements
  • Smaller footprint

The inos technical team with work with you to determine which configuration will ensure the best return on your investment. We look forward to working with you.