Racking and De-Racking

Efficiently remove and replace materials from transport containers, racks, and boxes. Quickly and easily transfer materials from stores to manufacturing cells. Increase productivity and reduce costs. Automate your workforce.

System value and return on investment

When the line stops, so do your profits. Transport containers are in a constant state of motion throughout the entire manufacturing facility at all hours of the day. The relative efficiency and capability of your delivery systems can have a significant effect on your productivity and your bottom line. inos de-racking and racking systems help your assembly lines run efficiently – and uninterrupted – by working to insure that all the required parts and components are ready and waiting. Safe, effective, and highly-available solutions.


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Robots and transport container in the perfect exchange

  • No costs for inspections and repairs
  • Highly-available solutions


The robot picks materials from a transport container and quickly moves them to the assembly/processing area. In order to ensure that neither the component nor the container is damaged, the gripper is perfectly aligned with respect to the component by means of the sensor technology. Locational features can be holes, edges, corners, or many other suitable targets. All inos solution designs take into consideration: the container, the robot gripper, the materials being handled, cycle time, and the ultimate goal of the system.


In many cases, door panel sub-assemblies are partially manufactured in one area of the plant (or at a remote location) and then the transported to the next station in the overall build process by means of a dedicated rack. In order to make sure that this transfer process is done with accuracy and without damaging the door panels, the inos solution precisely determines the global position of the door panels, the transport rack, and every single slot within the rack – total control and total confidence.

A specialized family of inos G-Sens sensors has been created specifically for de-racking and racking operations:

  • Laser triangulation sensors
  • Stereo sensors
  • Separate 2D mono cameras