inos G-Guide Robot Guidance Solutions

Trusted by the world’s best manufacturers for key, mission-critical operations.

A full spectrum solution provider

inos G-Guide systems provide unique, innovative solutions for every automated application – from basic deracking operations to iterative roof panel insertions to complex, phased door and closure assemblies.

Return on investment and system value

  • Optimize overall assembly quality and fit
  • Employ leading edge assembly techniques
  • Reduce the number of vehicles requiring rework
  • Automate hazardous tasks
  • Reduce the manpower dedicated to assembly operations
  • Reduce the amount of materials dispensed
  • Eliminate precision mechanical fixturing costs
  • Accommodate part and process variation

The backbone of any successful robot guidance operation is constructed from precise, high-quality sensors. Depending on the required accuracy and environmental conditions, inos is able to individually adapt and optimize the following parameters (partial list):

  • Camera type
  • Camera resolution
  • Sensor field of view
  • Sensor standoff
  • Sensor quantity
  • Style of illumination
  • Single or dual sensor configuration
  • Robotic- or stationary-mounted

inos places intense focus on the quality and capability of our system hardware and software. However, as a total solutions provider, we also place a premium on developing new, innovative: installation techniques, calibration procedures, global implementation best practices, and disaster recovery (such as efficient in-field sensor replacement).


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More Information

World-class inos sensors are the foundation of our high-performance vision solutions – and can be customized to match your specific requirements.

  • Flexible resolution, field-of-view, and standoff distance
  • Fast and intuitive set-up, efficient installation
  • Economical, scalable architecture

inos G-Guide robot guidance systems allow the customer to design the solution around their process. Automated assembly operations can be configured to generate a single, one-time offset (as in the case of a fender hanging application) or to generate a multi-shot iterative offset (as in the case of windshield decking applications) or generate multiple discreet offsets based on individual assessments (as in the case of hole piercing and drilling applications). We will create a solution that is perfectly designed to meet your goals.

inos G-Guide solutions are robot- and PLC-independent. We will communicate with the existing standard equipment and infrastructure already installed at your facility.

inos G-Guide sample applications (partial list):

  • Sealant/urethane application
  • Welding operations
  • Laser cutting operations
  • Panel hanging and load (i.e. doors, hoods, roofs, etc.)
  • Glass insertion applications
  • De-racking and palletizing
  • Nearly any robot-based automated assembly operation