Control assembly units and robots with inos’ 2D and 3D position recognition systems

2D and 3D position recognition of components – flexible automation with inos

In varying environmental conditions, reliability and precision are crucial for powerful detection of components’ position. inos enables efficient, economical control of robots with its robot guidance solution. With the visionary 2D and 3D position recognition from inos, customers can react even faster and more agilely to changing conditions.


With position recognition systems from inos, the robot knows where to reach

Exact position recognition, optimum application

Whether in the consumer goods, automotive or aerospace industries, the individualization of products, diversity of variants and complexity of supply chains are increasing enormously. The success of highly competitive companies lies in the intelligent automation of production processes with innovative image processing and laser technologies.

For optimal application in fully automated machining cells, it is absolutely necessary to precisely determine the position of the component to be machined. The customer-specific machine vision concepts from inos are the basis of a strong system solution for the two-dimensional and three-dimensional control of robots. Very precisely aligned to the position of the object, inos’ robot guidance system enables the highest possible accuracy, optimum quality and process reliability. The position of an object in 2D or 3D is determined in real-time and the guide unit is aligned accordingly – quickly, reliably and efficiently.

We broaden the horizon of your automation projects with vision – for more foresight and a clearer view!

Diversity and competence in hardware and software

As full-service provider, inos supports customers with smart turnkey solutions consisting of hardware and software – in a modular system, from a single source, entirely according to your needs. Your processes are automated simply, fast and efficiently.

  • PC, in a control cabinet or panel or stand-alone
  • One or more high-tech sensors
  • inos’ visionary system software

Advantages of 2D and 3D position recognition:

Consistent quality

The high-quality sensors from inos continuously calculate the position of the workpieces and immediately adjust the robots to the objects’ current positions. Variations are compensated for, and costly mechanical alignments are eliminated. Units equipped with our robot guidance system carry out handling processes with consistent quality.

High economic efficiency

Due to 2D and 3D position determination by inos, variations in production do not have to be compensated for by mechanical systems or process adjustments. Material and engineering costs in plant construction and manual rework and rejects due to incorrect handling of components are reduced or even eliminated.

Greater flexibility

Since resolution, measuring field and working distance can be adjusted and the inos architecture is scalable as required, inos’ intelligent position detection offers you maximum flexibility with simpler plant mechanics. Production delays due to process adaptations or production modifications are reduced. Setups for new products can be created virtually, quickly and easily, by using the virtual commissioning tool.

Determination of exact position by detection of several features on the component

How does inos’ 2D and 3D Position recognition work?

Functionality: From A...

In order to determine the exact position of a component, one or more sensors record its characteristic features – including the angle and all six degrees of freedom. This information is the basis for calculating the component’s exact position in space using mathematical functions. This can be done for either two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. If the current position of the component deviates from the nominal position, this is reported to the robot as offset information. The machining path is automatically corrected and aligned with the position of the component to be machined.

Exact position in a cell can be determined with stationary sensors or robot-guided sensors. The working principle is the same: characteristic features on the component make it possible to mathematically derive its current position.

With inos’ robot guidance system, the partial determination of positions on components is also possible

Probing method and partial position recognition Z

Stable probing methods that deliver unambiguous image results are essential for precise component processing. Depending on the required accuracy and environmental conditions, the following parameters can be individually adjusted:

  • Camera type and resolution
  • Distance to the component
  • Number of sensors
  • Lighting concept

Of course, with the robot guidance system from inos, partial detection of positions on components is also possible. Example: The position of an opening or a hole must be detected in order to insert a tool with a robot. This can be done with a special sensor system mounted directly on the robot, which allows each individual machining step to be corrected separately.

2D and 3D position recognition of inos in practice

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional position recognition can be used across all industries – wherever robots or other manipulators are in use.

For example, you can use the robot guidance system from inos for:

  • Application of sealants
  • Sealing of sheet metal seams
  • Foam application
  • Cavity preservation
  • Masking operations
  • Welding operations
  • Mounting
  • Any robot-assisted processing of components
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