Gap and flush measurement: Quality assurance from inos

Only manufacturers that can measure gap and flush precisely can detect deviations at an early stage, enable consistent quality and avoid manual rework. inos provides a test method with industrial gap measurement that replaces time-consuming, manual measurements with automated inline measurement technology for gap and flush. Stationary or in motion – open the door to quality and efficiency.


Test and measure gap and flush with innovative inline metrology from inos

From body construction to final assembly

Checking the accuracy of components’ fit in the end product plays a major role in quality control. Deviations in appearance and functionality have  an immediate impact on the product’s safety and the end user’s satisfaction. In mechanical gap measurement, however, not all relevant measuring points can be captured. Cycle time and the measuring device used to limit the testing of gap and flush.

The intelligent gap and flush measurement from inos solves these challenges. Complex geometries, 24/7 operation, complete documentation, acquisition of 25 to 30 measuring points and millimeter-precise measurement ± 0.2 mm – inos’ efficient 3D sensors measure gap and flush on all surfaces in less than 500 milliseconds, with flow or clocked production lines. The measuring process always remains flexible and adapts automatically to changed measuring conditions. With inos industrial gap measurement, you can handle your processes faster, safer and more efficiently.

inos’ gap and flush measurement algorithms offer the greatest flexibility on the market. With our algorithms, a wide range of challenging materials and geometries can be measured accurately and precisely. The same is true of our high-quality 3D sensors, which are always adapted to each customer’s situation. Thus, you receive anything from basic laser triangulation sensors up to high-end sensors with UV lasers to enable that your assembly is as efficient and economical as possible.

Advantages of gap and flush measurement

Benefit in many ways

Higher quality

Due to the automated measurement of gap and flush, inos enables the complete inspection and documentation of measurement characteristics – 24/7, 365 days a year. As a full-service provider, inos consistently analyses your assembly process and minimizes manual interventions, for your satisfaction and that of your customers.

Greater transparency

Extensive visualization, analysis and reporting options make the assembly process transparent. This allows the system to be put into operation more quickly. The maintenance personnel can immediately see where straightening work still needs to be carried out.

Higher economic efficiency

The use of our visionary inline measurement technology reduces your assembly process’s cycle time, increases throughput and therefore pays for itself within a few months. The gap and flush measurements are made without stopping the conveyor system, so you can benefit from the advantages immediately.

Greater flexibility

inos’ gap and flush measurement can be used in both cycle mode and throughput mode. Whether with unpainted or colored components, the intelligent sensor technology adapts flexibly to the conditions. This means that you always remain agile and can react immediately to changing requirements.

Combining robot-guided and stationary systems to reap benefits of both solutions

Measure gap and flush

inos turnkey solution

inos’ process-reliable gap and flush measurement measures components’ gap and flush reliably, precisely and correlation-free. Several inos sensors scan the component and create a digital image that is evaluated by the inos software. The configurable inos algorithm calculates whether the dimensions are within the tolerance range or whether reworking is necessary. Quality monitoring and inspection are therefore possible at any time, simply and transparently.

In the first step, the measuring systems are completely planned, configured and simulated based on CAD data with correlation-free algorithms. Sensors are placed in the CAD at the positions desired by the customer and aligned accordingly. Once a measuring range has been created virtually, the measurement is set up in the inos configuration software. Even the first measurement provides concrete results so that you can commission the system quickly and easily.

Different systems, one clear quality target


Stationary solutions

With stationary solutions, all the sensors measure simultaneously; so that the cycle time can be maintained – with minimal space requirements and fast, simple integration into the existing production line or conveyor system.

Robot-guided systems

Maximum flexibility: due to mobile sensors, different component geometries can be measured quickly and precisely on one line. Additional measuring points and new component models can be added easily and without additional hardware. High position tolerances are compensated for by correcting the robot path. With a cycle time of approximately 60 seconds, a robot can record 20 to 25 measuring points.

Hybrid system solution

The best of both worlds: by combining stationary and robot-guided systems, the advantages of both solutions can be achieved. Complex or harder-to-reach measuring points are simply approached with the robot in the hybrid system solution.

Gap measurement in practice


Quality and functionality must be correct from the start, because only then can the best possible quality be delivered to the end customer.

Efficient, simple, process-reliable quality measurement and testing play a major role in numerous industries. As a result, inos’ smart turnkey solutions are used across all industries for

  • Attachments in car body engineering
  • Finished vehicles in final assembly
  • White goods
  • Consumer goods
  • Trucks, trains and airplanes
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Keeping your solution highly available in production – that’s what we work passionately to achieve, with our finger on the pulse of research and practice. It is important to us that your gap and flush measurement solution works reliably and that you can flexibly adapt your processes any time if your requirements change. 

With inos, you enter into a trusting partnership with a reliable partner throughout the lifecycle of your solution. Our global network is ready. We think ahead for you, accompany you and offer service with added value and vision. 


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